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ClickAdu is advertising, Digital marketing and Monetization based company founded in 2014. Publishers can monetize their inventory using ClickAdu ad network. This network is also partnered with global leaders like Alibaba Group, Adombo, Lazada, Traffic Shark, Adverten, Hypercentage and MarMarMedia. Our ClickAdu Review is based on our experience, Gathered Information and Direct questions and answers from network support team.

clickadu monetization for publishers optimized

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Verticals and GEOs

Clickadu ad Network works in GEOs including Asia Pacific, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Clickadu Network well perform in Asia region with over 64% ad impressions. India is number one country in Asia region according to ad impression in past days.

Tools & Utilities

Tools and Utilities is one of the top vertical of ClickAdu ad network. Websites can get better CPC from this Vertical.

Push subscriptions

Push subscription is a web connection between user agent and web push application. Web push application can send messages or notifications on behalf a website or App. Subscribed user agent able to get push notifications. Once a user subscribe from your website you'll get revenue on every impression till then user not unsubscribe.


Dating apps and websites well perform with This Network. Lifestyle blogger have better opportunity to monetize websites and get higher eCPM.


Virtual Private Network or VPN enhance web security. User send and receive data across the world using private network. This means your connection to a web will be fully secure and private not shared or public. Advertisers get better conversions through this network and Publishers get better earnings.

Finance Apps

Advertisers can make a campaign about finance apps using any pricing model but if you want app install then you can use CPA for better result. Publishers will also get higher revenue.

Social & Entertainment

Wow Entertainment. Everyone love entertainment and Social media. What next, Just join the network as Publisher and enjoy your earnings.


E-commerce mean shopping, Great. User always love shopping, it can be in physical form or digital form. Advertisers Advertise their great products through this network. What are you waiting for just join and paste ad codes on your website and enjoy your earnings.


Health Supplements, Protein powder, Energy drinks and other Nutra products work with this network. Publisher can monetize their Websites and blogs about Lifestyle and Health using ClickAdu ad network.

VAS & Carrier billing

Value Added Services (VAS) and Carrier billing are subscription based services. When user subscribe a service from your website you may get a fixed amount for that because mostly campaign are CPA based.


User love Sweepstakes like Giveaways, Surveys, Contests, Scratch and win etc. Publisher can maximum their earning from this vertical.

Delivery Apps and iGaming

Gaming is another cool vertical. Well you can Advertise your gaming or delivery apps by making a campaign.

Ad Formats

Network provides various types of ad format for Publishers and Advertisers. Each ad format have different pricing model.

Clickadu Banner Ads

Banner Ads or Web Banner are most usable and user friendly ad format. They set in your website without decreasing user experience. Also Banner ads perform well for both advertisers and publishers.

Popunder Ads

Popunder ads are displayed in a browser's new window who behind the main browser window. They don't disturb user unlike Pop-ups. That's why, Popunder ads are better than Pop-ups.

Push Notification

Push Notifications ads are different from others. When a user agent subscribed to network using your website and he/she clicks on push notification sent by network then you'll get earning.

InPage Push

InPage Push is another form of push notification. Best thing is it's not required a subscription for getting notifications but other thing is user should be active on any webpage or post of your website. As InPage push sounds in its own name.

Skim is a link who embedded in a specific element in website. These elements may be any of the following: an image/icon, a text, a link, or a video (but not a video ad as such). After a user activates such an element by clicking on it, they are automatically redirected to Advertisers landing page opened in a new tab. 

Instant Text Message

Instant Text also known as Dialog ad. An Instant Text Message is a native mobile dialog window that a user receives on their mobile device while visiting a website. What is more, it is Google-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices.

Clickadu Video Ads

Videos Platforms are being better and better every day. Users love video ad format where they can see actual products that are recommended by real people. You’ll get higher CPC and CPM from video ads, also increase user experience and decrease bounce rate.

Pricing Model

Clickadu provides most popular Pricing Model. Publishers can get monetize their websites using various types of Pricing Model.


CPM is stand for Cost Per Mille that's mean you'll get a amount on every 1000 impressions. CPM can be vary according to GEOs, Bids and Categories. CPM is great for Publishers, doesn't matter anyone clicks on ad or not you'll get money for every impression.


CPC is stand for Cost Per Click that's mean if anyone Click on Advertisement in your website you'll get a fixed amount for that but CPC can be vary according to GEOs, Bids and Categories. Clickadu CPC is most used Pricing Model to Advertisers and it is also best performing to Publishers.

Smart CPM

Smar CPM is another form of CPM but it has intelligence than normal CPM. This feature allows you to take part in the second-price auction. Instead of fix CPM, you can set the maximal available CPM. It is most helpful to advertisers for buy traffic cheaper, depending on the bids of other advertisers. Publishers have also benifits of 100% fill rate and maximise their earnings.

Smart CPA

CPA stand for Cost Per Acquisition, That's mean if anyone click on Advertisement in your website and take a action then you'll get a fixed amount for that. Action can be vary according to Advertisers demand like Sign-up, Surveys, Installs, Downloads, Purchases etc. Smart CPA is more intelligent form of normal CPA model.

Clickadu cpm rates

Clickadu cpm rates can be vary according to GEOs, Ad Format, Verticals and Device type. Here are are some average CPM rates by Device type, Ad Format and GEOs.

By Ad Format

  • Popunder – 0.54$ to 3.8$
  • Instant Text Message – 0.94$ to 4.93$
  • Skim – 1.13$ to 2.17$
  • Banner Ads – 0.021$ to 0.90$
  • Video Ads – 0.20$ to 0.94$
  • InPage Push – 0.10$ to 0.70$
  • Push Notifications – 0.05$ to 0.28$

By Device Type

  • Desktop – 0.94$ to 2.19$
  • Android – 0.87$ to 4.93$
  • iOS – 0.94$ to 3.77$

Note – CPM rates can be vary according to GEOs and Verticals. All Above rates are average and based on previous data.

Clickadu review for Advertisers

Advertisers can buy traffic from Premium Publishers using this network. Great thing is you have various types of Ads Format options. Choose which ad format is suitable for your need. Also you can choose Pricing Model according to your choice or brand requirements. Country and GEOs targeting is most important for advertisers, here you can set your targeted audience easily. Intelligent froude detection is great when you paying for conversions.

Clickadu Minimum Deposit

Minimum Deposit is set to $100 and 3 to 5% service fee can be charged during add fund in your account. You can add fund in your account using PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney and Wire Transfer payment method. Fund added by Wire Transfer can take 2 to 3 days normally but in least cases (For example Bank Holiday) it may take upto a week.

Clickadu Payout Method

Clickadu payout schedule is Net30 basis. You can contact your personal manager to switch your payout schedule. You can get your money using WebMoney, Paxum, PayPal and Wire Transfer Payout Method. According to ClickAdu, payments are fully automatic, once you have passed profile validation checks and chosen your payout schedule.

Clickadu Minimum Payout

  • Webmoney – Minimum payout $50 | 1% transaction fee.
  • PayPal – Minimum payout $50 | 2% transaction fee. Please note that PayPal may charge up to a 5% fee for the money load.
  • Paxum – Minimum payout $50 | $1 transfer fee.
  • Wire (bank transfer) – Minimum payout $1000  | Fixed transaction fee $25 for each Bank.

Clickadu Requirements

You should know before applying to monetize your website with clickadu network. Websites with copyright content, hateful and harmful, Hacking, Illegal, spam, Viruses, Malware, false information etc won't be able to monetize. Also bot traffic not allowed, only apply if you have real human traffic on your website.

Minimum Traffic Requirements

Websites with minimum 1k page views per day are eligible for monetizing. Or if your website get 30k page views per month then you can apply for monetize.

Pros and cons

Nothing is totally perfect or Worst, Everything have it's own Pros and Cons in this world.


  • Well known Network.
  • Various types of Pricing Model.
  • Multiple Ad Formats.
  • Timely Payment.
  • Works Globally.
  • 100% fill rate.
  • Different types of Payout Methods.
  • Works with Various Verticals.
  • Referral Program.
  • Minimum Withdrawal is $50.
  • Deep Statics.
  • Good Support


  • Wire Transfer minimum is $1000
  • Payout fee Charges


Overall network has good reach around the world. Many Premium Publishers are working with it and make a big profit. Network is genuine and well known for us. If your traffic is from Asia (India, Pakistan etc) or America region then definitely you should use this network for Monetizing your websites.


What is ClickAdu?

Clickadu is a network that allows Publishers to monetize their website and for advertisers to purchase traffic for their goal.

Is ClickAdu ad Network safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe from Viruses and Malware. All codes are clean and you can use it on your website for monetizing ad space.

Is ClickAdu Works with Small Publishers?

Yes, but it has a criteria of minimum 30k page views per month. Also website should be clean from spam and Malware.

Clickadu Network Review
clickadu review for publishers and advertisers

ClickAdu Review is based on our experience and Direct questions and answers from network support team. Clickadu Network is Global Company.

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