What is Monetization Meaning (Monetization Definition)

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Why are you you asking from Google, What is Monetization Meaning (Monetization Definition). Just kidding, ofcourse everyone doesn't know meaning of everything. Just like me, i also didn't know. even I don't know meaning of many common words till now, Don't lough on me. Well, below we wrote the definition in brief about it.

Monetization Meaning (Monetization Definition)

Monetization Meaning (Monetization Definition)

Monetization meaning in single line is convert something into Cash or Money. It can be in physical form or digital form. But here we are talking about only website, app or game, social media and video platforms that's a digital form of Monetization.

Website Monetization

There are many ways available for monetize a website or blog. You can monetize your website or blog through showing advertisements, Sponsored posts or link, Affiliate Link or Creative, Paid Subscription, Collecting donations etc.

There are lots of network available for monetize a website or blog, for example Adsense, AdMaven, Adsterra, Clickadu, HilltopAds, PropellerAds, Adcash, Mgid, Yllix etc. You can can create an account with these networks and start making money.

We wrote a review on PropellerAds Network and AdMaven, you can also read that.

App or Game Monetization

You can monetize your App or Game as like a website, only difference is in implementation of ad codes. Also every network not support app or game monetization and it's also apply for websites.

Social Media Monetization

You can also monetize your social media page or profile. For example promoting direct products as influencer, Digital marketing, Showing ads, Subscription, Collecting donations etc.

Many social media platform like Youtube and Facebook offers monetization feature for qualified creators. You can join their partner program and start earning if you qualified for.

Do you know PropellerAds and Adsterra gives you a opportunity to monetize your social media through direct link. You can easily create an account and start earning money from day one.

Video Monetization

Video can be monetize in many ways, not only from ads. Through sponsorship, Affiliate Link, Collecting donations, Paid Subscription etc.

If you upload your videos on third party Platforms like Youtube or Facebook then you can use their own monetization program. But if you upload videos directly on your website or App then you can join Ezoic Video Monetization program. Don't think Ezoic is only one there are various networks available for monetizing videos.

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What is the difference between Monetization and Monetisation?

Monetization and Monetisation are same in terms of definition. Only difference is it's pronouncing and spelling.

What iis Monetization Definition?

Converting something into Cash or Money is Monetization. It can be in physical form or digital form.

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