Adsterra Review – Adsense best Alternative for Small Publishers in 2022

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adsterra native monetization platform optimized

Adsterra is Global advertising and CPA, CPM abd CPC based affiliate Network. This company was found in 2013 by professional Marketers and Webmasters. It's Team committed to Quality, Consistency and Transparency. This network works with all types of Advertisers and Publishers (Small, Mid and Large).

All types of Publishers (Small Publishers, Mid Publishers and Large Publishers) can monetize their websites using this network.

Verticals and GEOs

This Network works with almost every popular vertical. But here are some top performing verticals by this network. Company covers all GEOs.

Apps and Software

This Network is best for Apps and Software industry. If you publish content about software reviews, apps related tips and tricks or you have a own download or app Installation related website then this network is perfect for you.


Every person loves shopping and there are lots of online shopping website available who sell their Products. Great thing is Adsterra gives a opportunity for Advertisers and Publishers to win win situation. Monetize or Advertise your website with CPM, CPC, CPL or CPA Pricing Model.


You have a online gaming website or publish content about games. Do you write blog about gaming or make live commentary on your website. Great, You can earn a big money with this platform. Gaming is huge market in the world and people are making lot of money from this industry.


With Sweepstakes Vertical you can make huge money. You'll get a near-100% fill rate and consistent revenues.

  • Surveys and Contest
  • Giveaway Sweepstakes
  • Call-In Sweepstakes
  • Instant Win Sweepstakes
  • Win Hardware, Win-Car Sweepstakes

VPN and Utility

Mostly users use VPN and other Utility. So you have big opportunity to make money by promoting or Monetizing your website with VPN and Utility ads. Great thing is network works with many Advertisers who promote their VPN and Utility products.

Binary & crypto

Network also works with Binary and Crypto Advertisers. You can earn money from your crypto website by using this network.


If you share Finance related content on your website then you should definitely join this network. Every person need Finance for any reason. There are so many finance company exist in the world. Competition is the key of success.


Doesn't matter what types website you have, if you have traffic, you can earn. Subscription Vertical is suitable for all types Blogger, Publishers and Social media influencers. Direct link give you access to earn money without a website or blog. You can share it directly to your social media followers and friends.

Adsterra Ads Format

Adsterra Network provides various types of Ads Format. Native, Native Banner, Vast, Popunder, Social bar and Direct link.

Adsterra native ads

Native ads are good choice for sidebars, header, below header, above footer and in in-article placement. There are various native ad sizes available.

  • 300×250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • 728×90 (Leaderboard Ad)
  • 320×50 (Mobile Leaderboard Ad)
  • 160×600 (Skyscraper Ad)
  • 160×300 (Half Skyscraper Ad)
  • 468×60 (Medium Leaderboard Ad)
adsterra ad code creation panel optimized

Adsterra social bar (in-page push)

Social Bar (In-page Push) is a push format that doesn’t require opt-ins.  Publishers or Bloggers also drastically increase revenues with these ads that well engage to users. Ads are well delivered to all browsers and OS, including iOS. 

Adsterra Popunder

Popunder ads are displayed in a browser's new window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window. The network claims popunder script delivers a 100% responsiveness. Also you'll get 100% fill rate on mobile and desktop devices.

Adsterra Video Ads

Videos performs are being better and better every day. Users love video ad format where they can see real-life products that are recommended by real people. You'll get higher CPM and CPC from video ads, also increase affiliate conversion.

Adsterra Native banner

Native Banners are principle relevance to users’ interests and on-page content. This means that banners don’t just look like an essential part of the content, they meet your audience needs remaining non-intrusive. Native banners are a true goldmine as they are trusted by most users and prompt numerous clicks.

Adsterra minimum traffic requirements

It doesn't have a minimum traffic requirements. Network open for all type publishers and Advertisers (Small, Mid and Large).

Adsterra Pricing Model

This Network provides 3 main Pricing models for Advertisers and Publishers.


CPA stand for Cost Per Acquisition that's mean if anyone take action through your website you'll get a fixed amount for that.

CPI : CPI stand for Cost Per Install that's mean if anyone install specific (Advertisers are Advertising for that) App, Software, Game or anything else through your website you'll get a fixed amount for that action. This is best choice for Downloading websites, Apps websites, Software websites, Gaming Websites or more like that.

CPL : CPL stand for Cost Per Lead that's mean if anyone Purchase, Subscribe, Sign-up or take other action through your Website's ad or link you'll get a fixed amount for that action.


CPM stand for Cost Per Mille that's mean you'll get money on every 1000 ad impression. Prices can be vary according to GEOs, Verticals or eCPM.


CPC stand for Cost Per Click that's mean if anyone click on Advertisement in your website, you’ll be able get money for that. CPC can be vary according to your GEOs, Verticals, and eCPC.

Adsterra payout method

This Network have all popular payout method for Publishers. Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of every month, from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm GTM.
If these dates fall on weekends or holidays the payments will be processed on nearest business day.
Once you reach the minimum payout amount, the money is put on a two-week hold.
You will get the payout during the first payment period available after your hold period ends.

Paypal Payout Method

You can take instant Payout of your Money minimum 100$ in your PayPal account. They charge fees up to 5.4% of Payout sum.

Information required : Country, Full Name, PayPal account email, Account type and full address.

Adsterra wire transfer

Withdrawal through Wire Transfer is little bit tricky than others. First of all you need a minimum earning 1000$ to take a Payout in your Bank. Less than 1000$ earning you can't withdraw through Wire Transfer, you have to choose another Payout Method. Secondly it takes 3 to 4 days in processing. 50$ is fixed charge for withdrawal via Wire Transfer in USD Currency. But good thing is, if you take Payout in EUR Currency then there is no charges.

Information Required : Country, payout currency, full name (company name if it is a legal entity), Account type, full address, VAT number (for residents of EU countries and UK), IBAN, SWIFT code, bank name and bank address, intermediary bank details (if available).

Verification May Required : Passport, PAN Card, Voter I'd card, Any other National Card (Individuals Only).

Paxum Payout Method

You can take a instant Payout as low as 5$ in Paxum account. Withdrawal fee 1$ is fixed.

Information Required : Country, Account type, Paxum account email, full name (company name if it is a legal entity), full address, VAT number if any (for residents of EU countries and UK).

WebMoney Payout Method

You can take a Payout as low as 5$ in WebMoney account instantly as like Paxum. Withdrawal fee 1% of Payout sum.

Information Required : Country, full name (company name if it is a legal entity), full address, VAT number if any (for residents of EU countries and UK).

Bitcoin Payout Method

You can take a Payout in your Bitcoin Wallet of minimum 100$ instantly. Network fee included (It depends on crypto-currency exchange rate and network load).

Information Required : Country, wallet address.

Tether Payout Method

In tether wallet you can take a Payout of minimum 100$ instantly. 2% charge and network fee included.

Information Required : Country, ERC20 wallet address.

Adsterra minimum withdrawal

You can withdrawal your Money as low as 5$ via Paxum and WebMoney Payout Method.

Advertising with Adsterra

If you're planning drive traffic on your sites or want subscription, app installs, Software downloads, Sign-ups or something else then you can advertising with Adsterra Network. Also you can generate leads using native ads.

Adsterra minimum deposit :

Adsterra Network offers two types of payment options. The first one includes payment methods that almost instantly refill your balance. They are known as instant payment methods and you may check them below with their minimum deposit amounts and fees listed.

  • Paxum – $100, fee – $1
  • Webmoney – $100, fee – 2%

The second method type is the payment on request.

  • Wire Transfer – 1000$, no fixed fee
  • Capitalist – 100$, no fee
  • UnionPay, Visa and Mastercard – 100$, fee 3.15% + €0.25

Adsterra Affiliate Program

Great News, Adsterra have a Affiliate Program. You can make huge money with it without restrictions. Just join affiliate program and earn 5% commission for lifetime.

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Adsterra approval

After registering an account as Publisher, you’ll be able to add your website to monetize. When you'll add your website to network, approval take a few hours. Till then your website will be in pending process. After successfully approved a website by team, you can create and place ad codes on your website.

adsterra approved ad codes optimized

Adsterra Terms and Account Termination

This Network have some terms for making a better place to valuable Publishers and Advertisers. By registering an account with Adsterra you accept their terms. Keep in mind always follow these terms otherwise your account might be terminate.

Adsterra self click : Do not Click on ads yourself or force anyone to click on ads. This reason may terminate your account.

Copyright Materials : Do not use copyright material (Images, Videos, Text, Codes etc) in your website without permission of Owner.

Hateful or Illegal Content : Do not Publish or Create Illegal Content on your website. Also that content who produce hate for any human, Company, Product or anything else.

Pros and Cons

Everything have it's own Pros and cons in this world. We found some Pros and cons in this Network.


  • Fast Approval
  • 100% fill rate
  • Various Payout Methods
  • Various types of Pricing Model
  • Various types of Ads Format
  • Works with All Publishers (Small, Mid and Large)
  • NET 15 Payout Model
  • Works with All GEOs
  • Works with Various Verticals
  • Ad-blocker Detection
  • Minimum Withdrawal $5 for Paxum and WebMoney
  • Deep Statics


  • Minimum Payout 1000$ for Wire Transfer
  • Payout fee Charges


This Network is best Alternative for Publishers for Monetizing their website. Doesn't matter what types Blogger or Publisher you are, Small, Mid or Large. This network is open for all to monetize their websites or blogs. Best thing is, it has various types of payout methods. Various types of Ads Format and Pricing Model make easy to monetize web traffic.


Who is Adsterra Founder?

Adsterra company was found in 2013 by professional Marketers and Webmasters.

How to join Adsterra?

You can Join Adsterra with an email account by clicking Monetize Now or Advertise button.

Can i use adsterra for youtube?

Not directly, but yes you can use it on YouTube for making money. Adsterra provides direct link that's mean you can earn with any platform through direct link.

Is Adsterra fake or real Network for Publishers or Advertisers?

Adsterra is 100% real and genuine platform for Publishers and Advertisers. It is working from 2013 Globally.

Is adsterra safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe from Viruses, Malware and other vulnerability.

Is Adsterra free?

Yes, it is 100% free for Publishers but after earning with this network might be charged a small percentage of amount when you withdrawal your Money.

Adsterra Review - Monetization and Advertising Network
adsterra native monetization platform optimized

Adsterra is Global advertising and CPA, CPM abd CPC based affiliate Network. Adsterra Review for Publishers make easy to choose best Platform.

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