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Category make sense to blog post for Search Engine Ranking better than Tags. Oh Really, Answer is yes. If you are a Blogger, You should use category on your posts rather than tags. Tags make unnecessary and duplicate pages on website, Search engine doesn’t like this. Here is the Step by step guide for convert tags to categories wordpress. We will recommend a good hosting for your WordPress website like Bluehost Hosting or Hostinger Hosting. Hosting perform a major role for Website Speed. Slow websites can’t Rank high in Google Search results according to many SEO expert. If you have…

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If you have problem with FTP for updating or Installing a Plugin. Don’t worry, There are two more ways to Install Plugin in WordPress. But before begin, we Recommend a good hosting for your WordPress website like Hostinger Hosting or Bluehost. Because bad Hosting always create a problem, So always choose a trusted Hosting for your Website. Hostinger Hosting and Bluehost Hosting both are trusted and using worldwide. Great Uptime makes website always visible for visitors or customers and makes profitable business. Install Plugin in WordPress Manually without FTP There are two options available for installing or updating a Plugin…

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How to Start Blogging

Hello, Do you want earn money online with Blogging? Oh, I think this is a silly question. Ofcourse, Everyone want money. Okey, be ready for earning money online. We will tell you, how to Start Blogging and Earn Money Online in simple steps. But before Starting a Blog you have to have some patience. First of all you have to know about yourself. What types knowledge you have. Knowledge? hold on, You don’t need a degree in rocket science. Knowledge mean what do you like more in your life, for example: Reading, Friendship, Coding, Cooking, Designing, Art, Writing etc. Ofcourse,…

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