What is Blogger or Blogspot


People knows Blogger who use internet and read blogs but not very well. Small amount of people know about Blogger very well. some people don’t know what is Blogger till now because they not read blogs or Article. And yes, mostly people don’t know about this, even they didn’t heard about this. This is not strange because they not use internet.

But in technical world everyone should know internet, as well as Blogger. If you heard about this platform, that’s great, if not, don’t worry today we will tell you about this.

What is Blogger?

First question is what is Blogger. ok, Blogspot is a Blogging platform provided by Google. When anyone can make blog free for sharing their knowledge, as well as story, Shayari, quotes etc. Because Blogspot is free platform for Blogging so here are some limitations and rules. You can unlimited Blogging with limited features.

For example you can write article on this platform with images. But can’t make a news blog or website because of limitations. And yes, if you us this platform you have to follow rules and terms. Nobody can make blogs about, hacking, phishing, sexual or any type of who break it’s rules or dangerous for anybody.

Why Blogger Platform Free?

I think everyone want know about this, why Blogspot free. Nothing is free in this world that’s true. If you take anything you have to pay for that. So, Google’s Blogspot platform also have some expectations from it’s users.

When you create a free blog on Blogspot they expect advertising on that so that they and you earn money together. If your blog meet google’s policy and terms, you can monetize with ads for generating some revenue.


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