How to Start Blogging

Blogging Need And Its Importance:
Mostly people don’t know till now, what is blogging and how to do. But in this time Blogging is gaining popularity in all over the world. So in new generation, you should know about blogging. In this time mostly people use internet for their study or other purpose.

A writer write Blog and readers read them for gaining some specific knowledge. Yes, Some writer write blog on a specific category and some more than one category. For example a Professional (Math Teacher ) teach her students about math specially. Even she can teach about english basics or some other. But she is professional for a specific category like Math. 

This is not hidden from anyone, a Teacher can teach a student for limited time. This can be one hour, two hour or maximum 8 hours in a day, but this will be limited. One more thing a Teacher  can give you note for your study but might be you forgot your notes on your friends house. Now what will you do? 
Greatly, Your teacher have a blog and they wrote Blog about all of your notes. Here you can find your notes for your study. 

What is Blogging or Blog:
Blog definition is not cake. Unlikely, when we can define many things in two or more lines but blog not. Blog can be about art, technology, food, politics, news, gaming, lifestyle etc. That’s why, we can not give a specific definition. Although, we will try definition for blog like this “blog is that way where a blogger or writer can share some knowledge or ideas with others via an internet connected platform”. 

Types of Blog

There are mainly two types of blog.

  • Personal Interest blog
  • Profesional blog

Personal Blog

personal blog is that, where an individual make blog for personal interest or hobby . personal Blogger may be make money from his/her blog or not. meanwhile they write content for others who interested in that content.

For example, a man who have knowledge about farming so he writes article about farming, like how to plant a tree, how to give water for plant, what seeds are good or bad, when cut the wheat etc. And also, he writes article about many other things like, politics, real life, health, who he want to share with others for help. But, he don’t want earn money from his blog then this blog will be Personal Interest blog.

Professional Blog

Here no much difference between Personal and professional Blogging, But Profesional Blogger make blog in one niche for earning money or increase his business.

Start Blogging Yourself

Now talk about how to Start Blogging in No Cost. Blogger is the best way start Blogging for learning or personal blog purpose. Blogger platform provided by Google, who gives you free hosting and Subdomain You can start Blogging in few steps. Become a blogger…

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